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Communication Therapy


Relationships can be complicated when communication issues arise.

Communication is part of every relationship, for example (partners, children, parenting, extended family, neighbours, co-workers, supervisors, and strangers).

Sometimes it seems like your partner doesn’t understand you, or vice versa. Or maybe you’re having trouble talking about one particularly stressful issue.

If we want to have relationships function healthily, then we need to be able to communicate well.  You might have really strong opinions about what should happen next but your partner wants something else… so why are they wrong? It’s time for some empathy and understanding of your partner’s perspective.

Communication problems can be caused by not giving a partner your full attention. For example, too much screen time or too much time involved in other activities can cause a lack of communication in a relationship or problems with how you communicate. It’s hard to be present with your partner sometimes.

It is hard for our partners to know what we feel and want in a relationship or marriage. Sometimes they can’t give as much attention to the relationship as we would like. Many aspects of life can get in the way sometimes. If you’re struggling with communication issues in your relationships or marriage, consider your expectations.

Trust is key to a healthy relationship. Positive communication skills are a major way to achieve trust. If one person isn’t using positive communication skills, finding a resolution or moving forward with an issue is difficult. Commit to implementing healthy communication skills with each other so you can deal with feelings together.

It seems like not everyone has the same love language. Know your partner’s love language well; it will work wonders for communication. Maybe they respond well to praise or prefer talking things out together. Different people have different preferences. It could be that they enjoy getting small gifts from you or a reminder that you were thinking of them, too. Some people react best when given practical help with chores. Seeing this might make them feel better about themselves as someone necessary in the household again. When we learn how our partner prefers to express their emotions and what makes them happy, we can communicate more effectively with each other.

Poor listening skills are one of the leading causes of relationship communication problems. If one person feels unheard, ignored or misunderstood by their partner, frustration and misunderstandings will follow. Instead of waiting for your turn to speak without really trying to understand what the other is saying can be an issue. Active listening is essential!  Listen carefully to what they say, then reflect it to the person in your own words while being nonjudgmental about it. You’ll learn more about them, and they’ll feel heard. Invite them to do this for you too.

Unhealthy communication skills in a relationship are often a major source of conflict. The first step is for each person to become aware of their own communication skills. It’s easy to get caught up in what we feel and need but forget about our partner’s feelings. This isn’t a character flaw.  It just happens when you’re human!

There are numerous and specific communication skills to become aware of within yourself and your relationships.  Communication skills are used throughout our entire lives and require practice.

If you have issues in any of your relationships, consider discussing them with Clinical Consultation & Counselling. You can discuss them in individual, couple or family therapy formats.

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